Welcome To Greenco Systems

We help you for your customized solution for your solar energy needs

Greenco Systems Private Limited, is a company into innovative designing of Solar energy based products for your needs.The sole objective of the company is to generate pollution free and economical power for people.We have been doing Online grid interactive,Off grid roof top solar power plants, solar street lighting, solar water heater, solar pumps, solar for Petrol pumps and solar fencings.

        Unlike inverters and other power back-up systems, what we provide are Micro Solar Plants-meaning that they can be a primary source of electricity generation in your home, reducing your dependence on and consumption of state-supplied power. This means greater independence from erratic electricity supply, power cuts and excessive electricity bills as the product has been designed in a way that it recovers only the differential current from grid supply. These are developed based on the idea powered with high cost performance, equipped with high stability, reliability and high practical applicability.