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Product code : GSPL011

SolarMill is a hybrid power generation system that taps into two natural resources– sunlight and wind - to generate power. SolarMill comes with a patented and revolutionary, vertical-axis turbine design that makes power generation from wind possible in places hitherto considered unsuitable - like roof tops and small land footprints. The hybrid power generation system ensures better power backup than the conventional only-solar or only-wind systems. SolarMill is a product of Wind Stream Inc, USA.

     While the solar component of the SolarMill generates adequate power from solar irradiation, the efficiently designed wind turbines begin to generate power even at wind speeds as low as 2m/sec with maximum power generated at 17m/sec. The unit is capable of withstanding wind speeds of up to 200 Kmph and also has braking feature that conventional wind mills have. Individual SolarMill capacities range from 1KW to 5KW which can be added up to cater to high power generation requirements. We manufactures and offers complementary systems like batteries and inverters which are required to provide a total solution. This ensures that buyers need not search for multiple vendors to implement this kind of hybrid power system.